Trust is an unusual dynamic. Trust must first be given, before it can be earned. We hope that you will grant us that trust and we believe that by following these core values we stand to earn it


Be a fiduciary

Put investor and team needs ahead of your own. Be accountable to deliver the best.


Imagination and Creativity

Turn to your imagination and seek creative solutions. Find the joy of creation and let imagination drive initiative.


Competitive Greatness

Be your best when your best is required.



Be true to yourself and be candid with those you serve. Seek to be understood.


Be Better Today

Seek to be the better version of yourself and create a better version of your solutions and company. Seek improvements at both the most microscopic and macroscopic views.


Consistent Enthusiasm

Let enthusiasm be a hallmark of your interactions with others. Persist with challenges as they arise. Make your enthusiasm infectious.


Learning and Growing

Be a student or be a teacher, but always stay engaged in learning.


Be More Human

Work to extend Trust, Demonstrate Kindness, Practice Forgiveness

We strive to demonstrate our core values with ever interaction. If you believe that your interaction fell short, especially if it is me, please let me know – James Damschroder – damschroder (@)

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