The Problem With Model Portfolios

What is in the best interest of the Investor?
Now, technology has evolved past model portfolios, rendering most investors owning model portfolios at a distinct and material performance disadvantage.

Do model portfolios measure up against a new class of custom portfolios enabled by Robo advisors?

If you have an Investment Portfolio that is advised by a Financial Advisor chances are pretty good you have a model portfolio. Model portfolios came about based on the technology that financial advisors had to work with, chief amongst them is rebalancing software. Add in a risk profiling software and presto nearly any insurance agent and financial planner could have a serviceable solution for investment management clients. These software packages and platforms allowed financial advisors to support more clients and make more money.

Are Model Portfolios Still Competitive?

See Lisa’s investment journey and her decision to take control of her investment portfolio.

Changing from a narrow trading perspective, to a more holistic portfolio level thinking, is a hallmark of successful and sophisticated investors.

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