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Pro Grade Portfolio Analysis

You can analyze a portfolio better than 99% of professional investors using what I teach in this video. I used to sell this portfolio analytics software to professional investors for thousands of dollars and now I am doing my part to democratize investments by giving...

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Trading Rules

I don't usually advocate trading due to the higher probability of loss ascribed to the predominance of cognitive bias and behavioural economics. Note from personal experience that an awareness of such risk is insufficient to curtail the risks. For those that will...

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The biggest misconception on diversification

Why investment funds may be toxic to your investment portfolio. There are a number of misconceptions around diversification. But head and shoulders the number one misconception is so widespread, harmful and misunderstood. First, the also rans. Diversification is...

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Gratitude Practice

In addition to an overload of turkey every Thanksgiving table I’ve sat at has had some sort of gratitude practice. Sometimes, this takes the form of going around the table where people can express things that they are thankful for. Other times the host could lead a...

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Are you a wartime investor?

Many investors,  especially venture capitalists, think of CEO’s as being either a peacetime CEO or a wartime CEO.   Wartime is a metaphor typically for a peacetime or wartime national leader.   I think investors need to start using this as a lens for self-evaluation....

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COVID 19 Stock Ideas

I track a list of 3 COVID 19 Stock ideas. Harmed is an equally weighted basket of 33 stocks that would stand to get their butt kicked by COVID19 and the resulting shutdown. Beneficiaries is an equally weighted basket of 33 stocks that one could imagine would benefit;...

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Narrative Diversification

Narrative Diversification - What is it and why does it matter? I want to call to attention a type of diversification that I think is especially relevant now and typically one that evades measurement. Narrative diversification. I've come across this type of...

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