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The Dirty Secret of Diversification

The Dirty Secret of Diversification You probably heard mixed things about diversification; most of it good but not all of it. Amongst the detractors you can find content on the internet where Mark Cuban or Warren Buffett impune diversification. Please forgive their...

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Coronavirus Investing

Cash + Quality + Cap = Comebackability A great many stocks are excellent investments right now.  With the Coronavirus, I keep finding myself saying that “this too shall pass.”  It will.  Sooner or later. And when it does - you need to be ready. As there have been many...

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Are you a Trader or an Investor?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. The recent impact of the coronavirus fears on the stock market, like any other fast-moving or high-volatility event arouses my trader's instincts. Are those trader's instincts compatible with fiduciary, long-term investing?...

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The Gold Standard for Portfolio Backtesting

There are good backtests and there are bad backtests. Backtesting a portfolio can be tricky. The road to informative portfolio backtest results has many pitfalls. These pitfalls can create misleading suggestions. a backtest is an incredibly useful research tool…. if...

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Who is Portfolio ThinkTank Designed for?

We exist to help investors... Investors who are smart enough to realize that they can create investment strategy themselves and smart enough to know that they can beat the averages, yet self-aware that it’s ok to get some help. We love tech-savvy investors and we love...

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The Thirteen Virtues of Portfolio Backtesting

These are the virtues of what a good backtest is and what it can do for investors. These are the virtues  The Gold Standard for Portfolio Backtesting. Includes the impact of portfolio rebalancing Ideally, the backtest should cover a period long enough to cover at...

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What is a Backtest?

A backtest or back-test is a hypothetical simulation of an investment or trading strategy. Most backtesting is applied to timing entry and exit points for a particular asset. Backtesting is one of those things that can be easy to quick and hard to do right. Portfolio...

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Why are we launching Portfolio ThinkTank?

My name is James I've been a B2B fintech executive for 19 years and sold millions of dollars of tech to professional investors. Now with Portfolio ThinkTank, I am changing teams. I want to help regular investors. Most investors get punished when they seek...

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At Portfolio ThinkTank diversity does not end with the portfolio. We strive to proactively create a culture that embraces diversity, protects our ecosystem from fear and hate, and celebrates the beauty of our differences.

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