A RobinHood
for Traders

In early 2021 it became naked and apparent that Robinhood has failed its mission. Robinhood wants you to believe that they rob from the rich to give to the poor. But their actions prove otherwise.

If you haven’t already left, now is the time.

Portfolio ThinkTank & Robinhood Comparison

Why you need to make a shift ?

 Robinhood’s action to sell their order flow, restrict trading in popular securities and limit the order types that you trade with all point towards an adversarial client relationship. I find their treatment of retail investors unscrupulous and if you do too, perhaps I can help you.

Portfolio Builder

Why us ?

Here we are offering a significant upgrade to Robinhood.
Our model of investing is very different.
At Robinhood you trade stocks.

At Portfolio ThinkTank, you

  • Design
  • test
  • automate
  • invest

in portfolio strategies of your own design.

See Lisa’s investment journey and her decision to take control of her investment portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my assets away from Robinhood?

We offer the ability to perfect a ACAT transfer so that the assets do not need to be sold to transfer in.
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What is an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)?

An investment policy statement is a document created for or on behalf of an investor, where that document articulates the objectives roles and responsibilities rules and preferences for managing the assets of the investor. the investor maybe a person, a trust, a fund, any number of accounts in a household, or the accounts of Institutions whether they be corporations endowments, defined benefits plans, or other pools of money operated for a specific purpose.

Investment policy statements are very common Among ultra high net worth and generational welt family offices, Endowments

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Changing from a narrow trading perspective, to a more holistic portfolio level thinking, is a hallmark of successful and sophisticated investors.
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